ATPL Instruments and Navigation Aids - NZ: Six months access

Discover advanced topics in our worldclass ATPL Instruments and Navigation Aids online course. Discover seven comprehensive topics in our online ATPL Instruments and Navigation Aids theory course which covers all aspects of the Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand syllabus.

Topics: Our ATPL Instruments and Navigation Aids online course comprehensively covers all key topics required for the NZCAA syllabus.

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Here is the course outline:

1. Air Data Instruments

Air Data Instruments

2. Integrated Flight Instrument Systems

Integrated Flight Instrument Systems

3. Warning Systems

Warning Systems

4. Recorder Systems

Recorder Systems

5. Navigation Aids

Navigation Aids



7. Calculations Quiz

ATPL Instruments and Navigation Aids Calculations Quiz

8. Sample Exam 1

Sample Exam 1

9. Sample Exam 2

Sample Exam 2

10. Review