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Mark Goston
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Thunderstorms: Subscription only.
Micro course - 20 mins. FREE with our subscription packages.
Suitable for anyone interested in aviation weather.

This micro course is a great introduction to thunderstorms, and a good reminder to those operational pilots about the care needed around these marvels of nature.

We examine the following;

  1. The various types of thunderstorms, including Airmass and Frontal thunderstorms.
  2. Lightning and thunder. We will take a look at the excessive temperatures produced by lightning and the subsequent explosive results on the air.
  3. Flight Hazards in and around thunderstorms - especially turbulence and vertical drafts. 
  4. Taking care in and around thunderstorms.
  5. Formation of thunderstorms, from the Cumulus (or building) stage, into the Mature stage and finally the Dissipating stage.
  6. Hail and the incredible noise that these storms can have on flight crew operations.
  7. Tornadoes and their relationship to thunderstorms
  8. Some recommendations by an aircraft manufacturer when operating in and around thunderstorms.

You can even test your own knowledge with our short 2 minute quiz.

If you are thinking of becoming a pilot, a student pilot or an operational line pilot, this course is for you.

Here is the course outline:

1. Thunderstorms

2. Check your knowledge

Take our quick 2 minute quiz to check your knowledge of thunderstorms.

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