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ATPL Law (A) - NZ

Mark Goston
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ATPL Law (A) - NZ: Subscription only

Enrol in one of our most popular online courses, and discover indepth aviation law with our content targeted ATPL Air Law (Aeroplane) online course.

Our online ATPL Air Law (Aeroplane) theory course is a content targeted course, covering all aspects of the Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand syllabus.

Topics: Our ATPL Air Law (Aeroplane) online course comprehensively covers 43 key topics required for the NZCAA syllabus.

Multi choice questions: We have included over 220 instant feedback online multi choice questions to help you get fully prepared for your exams.

Images: Enjoy images, animations, illustrations and resources in our comprehensive ATPL Law (Aeroplane) course.

Sample exams: Fine tune your study with TWO comprehensive sample exams covering the entire syllabus. These exams are two hours each.

Workbooks: We offer a complimentary printable PDF workbook for this course. Download from within the course. You will require your own copy of NZAIP Vols 2 & 3 for your external exam. 

Earn points and badges: Get rewarded for your progress and subject mastery by receiving award points and badges throughout our courses. The education driven gamification on our site is designed to encourage engagement and positive learning outcomes.

Course Mastery: Our unique mastery chart indicates your live progress through the individual course competencies. These competencies are directly related to the NZCAA course syllabus requirements - giving you a great view on your understanding of each course.

Course progress: See exactly how much of the course you have completed with our live progress chart

Here is the course outline:

1. General

This module includes Aviation Legislation, Definitions and Abbreviations.

2. Personnel Licensing

This module includes Requirements for Licences and Ratings, Eligibility, Privileges and Limitations, Competency, Currency and Recency and Medical Requirements.

3. Airworthiness of Aircraft & Aircraft Equipment

This module includes Documentation, Aircraft Maintenance, Instruments and Avionics and Equipment.

4. General Operating & Flight Rules

This module includes General Operating Requirements, General Operating Restrictions and Carriage of Dangerous Goods.

5. Air Operations

This module includes Air Operations Crew Requirements, Air Operations Requirements and Restrictions, Air Operations Meteorological Requirements and Restrictions and Air Operations Performance Requirements.

6. Flight Planning & Preparation

This module includes Flight Preparation, Alternate Requirements, Fuel Requirements, Flight Plans and Enroute Limitations.

7. Air Traffic Services

This module includes Communications, Clearances, Separation, Terrain Clearance, Weather Avoidance, Radar Services, Oceanic Procedures and Global Navigation Satellite System.

8. Airspace and Aerodromes

This module includes Altimetry, Cruising Levels, Transponders, Airspace and Aerodromes and Aerodrome Lighting.

9. Emergencies, Incidents & Accidents

This module includes Responsibilities of Operators and Pilots and Communications and Equipment.

10. Instrument Departures & Approaches

This module includes Departure Procedures, Holding Procedures, Approach Procedures and Communications and Navigation Aid Failure.

11. Sample Exam 1

Take this sample exam in the final weeks before your actual external ATPL exam. Allow 2 hours for this exam. Your goal is to get over 75%. Sample Exam 2 will open 24 hours after you access this module. You can sit this sample exam ONCE - so ensure you are fully prepared.

12. Sample Exam 2

Take this sample exam in the final weeks before your actual external ATPL exam. Allow 2 hours for this exam. Your goal is to get over 75%. Sample Exam 2 will open 24 hours after you access Sample Exam 1. You can sit this sample exam ONCE, so take the time to review your notes.

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