Welcome to our brand new platform for ATPLOnline.co.nz!

Getting started on our new platform - Existing Users

Over the past 6 months, the ATPLOnline team has been busy preparing for our major website upgrade. We have now migrated to our brand new learning platform offering the same great aviation course content, but with a vastly improved user experience and great mobile access.

What you need to know.

On Friday 16th November, 2018 our existing URL - ATPLOnline.co.nz was redirected to our NEW learning platform - the one you are on right now! From this date you will not be able to access our old site. We sent emails to all our users advising of this change in the weeks prior to the 16th November, 2018.

What YOU need to do.

To ensure uninterrupted access to our course content - we asked ALL current students to prepare for the site migration by migrating early onto the new platform. Thanks to all those who responded early and migrated before the 16th November, 2018.

If you are an existing user at ATPLOnline, but have not yet registered on the new platform, please sign up now so we can assign your existing courses to you.

  1. Register NOW on this website - right here (note your existing login for the old site WILL NOT WORK at the new site).
  2. Please email us at enrolments@atplonline.co.nz to let us know you have registered on the new platform.
  3. We will assign your courses to your user profile with the remaining time left in each course. Please allow up to 2 business days for us to process this for you.


Will my quizzes and sample exams reset on the new platform?

Yes. Any quiz or sample exam results will not be carried over to the new platform. You can retake any quizzes or sample exams if required.

Can I extend my current course using a course extension?

No. We no longer offer course extensions (free or paid). However we are excited to announce our new Subscription Plans - which you can purchase now. Our Subscription Plans allow you to access all 7 NZ ATPL courses, Basic Turbine Knowledge, our new Micro Courses and our new Pro Pack Add Ons - all for a single low recurring monthly (or annual) fee - for as long as you need. Cancel anytime.

This will provide improved value for those needing more time to complete content, and an alternative way to purchase course access for new courses you may wish to study. See HERE for details on our brand new subscriptions. See HERE for our specific Subscription FAQ's

We already have many students who have signed up to our subscription plans, as this is now our most cost effective option for your ATPL theory training.

General FAQ's

Do you have a suggested order to study your ATPL courses?

We sure do. Take a look HERE.

I am having trouble getting past the reCAPTCHA when attempting to register on ATPLOnline.

We use reCAPTCHA to help prevent spam and other non authorised users on our platform. The system works very well. If you are having trouble moving past this section of the registration process, please try clearing your browsers cache, close your browser and reopen and then try again. This will most likely fix any issues.

Can I see a demo of one of the courses before I commit?

You sure can! Check out our Demo page here.

How do I access the new Learner Helpdesk?

We have released our brand new Learner Helpdesk. Our learners can discuss course related topics with our course developers - right here on our site. Checkout our video on our learner Helpdesk.


Do you have any questions?

Email us at enrolments@atplonline.co.nz