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What are your subscription plans?

We know that studying towards your aviation career is expensive. We are pleased to release our new ATPLOnline subscription plans which provide a very cost effective way to study.

We are now offering a number of subscription plans to access our ATPLOnline course content. You can subscribe to either our monthly or annual recurring subscriptions for as long as you need. Cancel anytime. This will provide you with access to ALL our ATPL courses (NZ) for as long as you need - as long as the monthly or annual subscription is active - even if you have previously purchased one of our courses for a fixed fee and it has subsequently become expired.

You can study one, or multiple courses at the same time, that flexibility is entirely up to you. Remember - you can cancel at any time if you no longer need access to our course content.

What happens if I cancel my subscription and resubscribe at a later date?

You are more than welcome to resubscribe to any cancelled subscription package. However, please note you will be restarting a new subscription. All course progress will be reset, and you will need to progressively work though all course content again from the beginning of each course. Also, it may take up to 5 business days for us to activate any past enrolled courses on your user profile.

Can I cancel my subscription and pick it up again at a later date without interrupting my course progress?

No. If you cancel your subscription by stopping your monthly payment, you will immediately lose access to all your courses within the subscription and all progress made in the courses including all quizzes and sample exams. 

How are courses within subscription packages structured?

Our actual course content is identical to our stand alone aviation courses (fixed fee for six months). Progression through each subscription course is structured to ensure maximum learning outcomes, with individual modules, in each course, completed sequentially. You need to pass each quiz with a pass of 75% or more to move on to the next module. This ensures you fully understand each module before moving on to the next topic. You can also study one or multiple courses at the same time, providing maximum flexibility for your studies.

Can I purchase a subscription plan to extend a fixed fee ATPLOnline course?

Yes. If your fixed fee, fixed duration course has expired, you can gain access to the same course by purchasing one of our subscriptions. Note, this is treated as a new subscription - so your course content will reset and you will need to progress sequentially from the beginning of the course. 

Note: We will also be adding to these FAQ's progressively over the coming months. Subscription FAQ's, rules and Terms and Conditions may change at any time without notice. Please keep up to date with this page for details.