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Flight Crew Connect

11 September, 2017 

We are very excited to release Flight Crew Connect. Over the past six months, we have been working on developing a Flight Crew Community which is easy to use, accessible and fun. We have teamed up with Slack - a fantastic communication and collaboration platform to bring you Flight Crew Connect.   We believe strongly that success in aviation relies on surrounding ourselves with talented and experienced pilots who are willing to offer advice and support. For our ATPLOnline students, Flight Crew Connect will be the place where you can get course assistance from our ATPL course developers. This now supersedes our email helpdesk system.

​If you are student pilot, private pilot, commercial pilot - including flight instructors, or an ATPL pilot - this community is for you. Flight Crew Connect is currently in beta. Access is currently limited to past and present students of So if this is you, then head over to now and sign up for free. From today, when you enrol in one of our courses, you will receive a complimentary email invitation to signup to Flight Crew Connect.

Course extensions

4 August, 2017

From today, we have improved the way in which you purchase course extensions. Now you can make your selection from within your enrolled course and make payment. Extensions will be applied by the ATPLOnline team within 48 business hours. Full details on our course extension policy is found right HERE.

ATPL Human Factors - AU

4 August, 2017

We are very excited to announce the release of our second dedicated ATPL course for the Australian jurisdiction. ATPL Human Factors (AU) has been over 8 months in the making! Covering all five key topics in the CASA syllabus, our course is a comprehensive yet content targeted course ensuring you are more than prepared for your CASA exams. Learn more and enrol today right here. 

ATPL Workbooks

4 August, 2017

From 4th August, 2017 ALL ATPL and Basic Turbine Knowledge companion PDF workbooks will be made available as a complimentary downloads from within each online course. You will no longer be required to pay for this workbook.

Discounts when purchasing two or more courses

4 August, 2017

From today, we are offering a range of discounts when you pre-purchase multiple courses. Discounts depend on how many courses you purchase at one time. You will also get extended course durations when pre-purchasing multiple courses at the same time. See our Pricing page for details.

Basic Turbine Knowledge (BTK)

30 May, 2017

Over the next several weeks - we will be launching our long awaited BTK course. We believe this to be the most comprehensive turbine course for pilots in New Zealand or Australia. The last illustration for the course was completed yesterday, and all editing has been completed. Just uploading to our site and publishing to go. We have been inundated with requests for this course - so we are very pleased to finally have this ready for you. Thanks for your patience. Introductory price will be posted on our pricing page here.

Site update

28 February, 2017

During 3-5th March, 2017 we are upgrading our site software. This is a major update of our Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) and students will see improved functionality and features rolling out over the coming months. Further, we are upgrading our security on our site with the addition of SSL. During the upgrade window, site access will be limited. Please plan your study accordingly.


20 February, 2017

As of today, we are retiring the forum software we have been using. Our forum will no longer be accessible to our students. We are working on a better solution for community development. Stay tuned for more.

Basic Turbine Knowledge (BTK)

20 July, 2016

Our course developers, illustrators and editors have been busy over the last months working on our Basic Turbine Knowledge (BTK) course. We hope to finally publish this course in the next 2-3 months. This course is looking amazing with some incredible illustrations, animations and indepth course content. 

ATPL Human Factors - AU

14 April, 2016

We are very close to releasing our second Australian ATPL course. Our ATPL Human Factors course developers are currently working with our editor to put the finishing touches on the course. We know there are a lot of students waiting for our Australian courses, so stay tuned right here for the latest. Don't forget ATPL Meteorology - AU is now up and running. Take a look here

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