ATPLOnline Course Extension Policy

General course extensions and extensions for KDR purposes


When you purchase an ATPLOnline course from us, you are purchasing access to the course material for a specific time frame. Our courses usually have a 6 month semester, which means once paid, you will get online access for six months. During this time, you will benefit from any updates, additions and course improvements that we make. On occasion, this may also include complete course revisions - which usually happens when course syllabi get updated by NZCAA or CASA.

Six months per course is usually plenty of time to learn the course content, sit and pass your exams, and complete any required Knowledge Deficiency Reports as may be required. Make sure you plan your time so that you use your access to the course wisely. This is an online course, so please also make sure you have good internet access before purchasing.

We realise that sometimes students may require extra time to complete their course(s), so we provide TWO different ways to do this;

How to receive FREE course extensions.

Currently, there are two ways you can do this.

1. Purchase a companion ATPLOnline workbook when you enrol in the course. We will add on 30 days extra FREE time to your semester. You can do that here:

2. Purchase multiple ATPLOnline courses at the same time. The number of courses you purchase at the same time will determine the amount of extra FREE course time you will receive. For example, if you purchase all SEVEN ATPLOnline courses, you will receive 12 months course access per course - that’s double the normal amount of time! You can do that here:

We do not provide any other free course access to our ATPLOnline courses after a course semester has finished. You are purchasing ‘time on site’, which has a finite duration. So please do not ask us for free extensions, as we do not want to offend you when we say no.

If you need more time for a course, and wish to continue to receive the very latest, updated and calibrated course content AFTER your current course semester has finished, you can also purchase extra time.

How to receive PAID course extensions.

We offer a large range of course extension options, right here:

These range from 10 days right through to 90 extra days. Extra time will be added onto;

  1. The last day* of your current course semester (the 180th day if purchased during your current course semester).

*Note: We allow extensions to be applied up to 10 days AFTER the 180th day of a current course extension, if the extension is purchased within this 10 day grace period. Extensions will NOT be applied to expired courses after this 10 day grace period. Should you require access to an expired course AFTER this 10 days grace period, you will need to repurchase the course in full - where you will be granted another normal course semester of 180 days.

If you have further questions about this policy, please email us at

Limited course access for KDR's after your course has expired.

If you have completed your course here at ATPLOnline, or completed our courses through your Flight Training Organisation - and you wish to access our courses AFTER your course semester has expired for KDR purposes, you must purchase a course extension as detailed above. All our courses, either online here at ATPLOnline, or through a flight training organisation provide time for you to complete the course, sit the exam and complete your KDR's. Should you need extra time, please select your preferred option right here: if you are within the 10 day grace period, or repurchase the course in full.

You can also purchase a course extension below.

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