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Student Profiles

Here at ATPLOnline, we like to hear from our students. Our Student Profiles showcase students from all around the world, who have chosen to study with us.

Ben Haines

 Flight Instructor. student.

Tell us why you chose to be a pilot? 

I had spent the best part of 18 years in the NZ Army as a Vehicle Mechanic by trade and I had progressed about as far as I was likely too for the next 6 years or so. I felt it was time for a change of direction. My uncle who I had only recently met was a B767 Training Captain with Air Canada for a number of years. I asked him about his job and he stated that he had never worked a day in his life, (when you love your job it doesn't feel like work). It had felt like this to me in the Army most of the time and I didn't intend to have to start working any time soon when I left the services. I did a flight of discovery and then the first three lessons, I was hooked, I had caught the flying bug and wanted to be a pilot.

Tell us a bit about your training, where you did it, and what was a highlight about your training?

After I caught the flying bug I researched the best ways to break into this option and make it a career. As I was an older student and had other responsibilities (family, mortgage etc) I had to choose a training provider that was close to home and had a course that could be completed a reasonably short time frame. Flight Training Manawatu were offering a Diploma in Aviation Studies with a major in flight instruction so I chose this option. Other than flying to some really great places with some awesome people the biggest highlight of my training would be the feeling of relief when the flight examiner told me I had passed my 'C' Cat Flight Test. That day was probably the toughest I have encountered so far in my journey to become a airline pilot.


Gavin Storkey

Air Macau, Airbus A319/320/321 First Officer. student.

Tell us why you chose to be a pilot? 

I have always wanted to be a pilot, since the age of six when our family flew to Africa I loved planes.  In my 20’s I used to play a lot of Flight Sim on the PC and a mate told me I should take a flying lesson, I never looked back.

Tell us a bit about your training, where you did it, and what was a highlight about your training?

I started training at the Wellington Flight Centre where I got my PPL, then headed to Marlborough Aero Club in Blenheim for the CPL. The highlight was the freedom of the cross country flights, especially around the Mt ranges of the South Island.

Who do you currently work for? How long have you been flying with them and why did you choose them?  

I currently Work for Air Macau as an Airbus A319/320/321 First Officer. I have been with them for over 2 years. I chose to fly there as they gave me the opportunity to fly Airbus with just the type rating.


  "Wanted to let you know that I sat Law today and got 93%. Thanks for all your help and the content is spot on." - Ruvinda

  "Just wanted to let you know that I sat & passed my BTK exam yesterday & with 90%! Many thanks again for a great course. Will be looking at sitting my other ATPL subjects through in due course soon."  - Simon

  "Finally did the ATPL Flight Planning exam today and was very pleased with the result, 87%....I will be enrolling shortly in General Nav." - Ben

  "Thank you for the simple step-by-step teaching you outlined. You made it so simple I couldn't fail the exams. I have passed my two subjects, ATPL Systems and Navigation. Thanks so much. I am enroling for Flight Planning next." -Michael Noal

   "Just wanted to say thanks for the wonderful course. I completed all 7 exams over the year studying part time and came out with a 94% average. The content is spot on and easy to navigate through. And I believe with the new help forum at  it will be even better. Cheers to you all who put the hard work in to put it together." -John-Paul

   "I got 94% in the exam so I’m very happy with the way your study guide prepared me!" -Henry

   "Once again, thanks for the awesome service and the great courses you guys offer. They are absolutely fantastic for New Zealand pilots like myself who happen to be flying overseas... the ability to be able to jump online and study from anywhere while working full-time is perfect and you’ve made the last 5 subjects I’ve done in 6 months very easy to comprehend with good passes first time every time.- Kurt

   "Many thanks for your course! I can finally get my command and even got 95% on the "hardest" exam, flight planning! Thanks ATPLONLINE!- Rhys

   "So, after my panicked email last week and nearly cancelling my exam, I sat it this morning... and got 96%!  Feeling pretty stoked and relieved I'll NEVER have to sit a nav exam ever again! Thank you so much for your help smile- Sarah

   "I just want to let your guys know that I passed my Instruments and Navigation Aids exam last week! Very happy with my result and I plan to do Human Factor next." - Rodney

   "I just completed Meteorology on Monday morning and did ok with an 88 percent pass. The ATPL online course was excellent and the questions I answered incorrect were me just being too fast and making mistakes." - Kyle

   "I found your Systems & Performance course well worth it getting. The course goes into the ideal level of detail in an easy-to-follow flow. Following the steps and processes outlined in the course enables one to attempt the exam with confidence - and come out with pleasing results. This was the fifth subject I have studied with the courses you offer and like the previous four, I recommend this to anyone looking to pass the ATPL exams well. Thanks again!- Iain

   "Hey Guys, would just like to say I was really happy with the Navigation course. It had everything I needed to know for the exam. Ended up passing with 96%. Will definitely be re-enrolling for Systems and Flight Planning.- Dom

   "I would highly recommend using all of these courses for your ATPL study, they are very thorough and informative but at the same time they are straight to the point on what you need to know. I have tried to use numerous other materials to study for my ATPL subjects, but these courses will save you heaps of time, are good value for money, plus you will end up with a great pass mark at the end.  Thanks.- Stella

   "I have just finished the ATPL Met course and ASL exam which I earned a good pass mark in and would just like to say thanks very much for offering such a detailed, thorough and easy to follow online course, as I believe I would not have been able to pass without it.- Logan

   "Just wanted to say thanks for the online courses, they have been an excellent tool.  I have been able to complete all ATPL Exams now, in the space of just 5 months, and your materials helped immensely to enable me to pass every exam on the first attempt, and with a 90% average." - Tim

   "Would like to say thank you for your ATPL Nav course. I was really worried with this exam as I struggled with CPL many years ago. Passed today with 94% Cheers!" - Jeremy

   "Just to let you know - I was really pleased with the Nav course. I sat the Nav exam today and came away from it feeling really comfortable and it showed in the result. A very good pass. Cheers." - Iain

   "I sat my ATPL(H) Air Law exam today and got a good pass, thank you for making the H syllabus available, it made the study easy, the topic tests and practice exams ensured I was well prepared for the exam. I now have all I need to apply for my ATPL(H). I will definitely be giving the details of your courses to any of my colleagues interested in sitting the exam." - James (Seasprite, RNZAF)

   "Finished Meteorology and got a good pass with the ASL exam. The course you have provided is very thorough and practical." - Ben

  "I sat the exam on Wednesday and was pleased with the result. Again, I can attribute another good pass to your course. I've sat 3 exams having used the courses you offer and am so happy with them that I intend to do all my remaining papers with your courses as they come available. Thanks again!"Iain

q"Just Passed the ATPL Navigation exam well, so very happy about that. Your course prepped me well." - Gavin. A320 F/O

qu " Thank you for the work you have put into the online courses, I am very happy with the structure and volume of the courses and find them more than enough to pass each Exam.  I am also pleased that I can use your worksheets for future study and reference notes for interviews and check rides.  
I have been using the iPad PDF expert app to take my notes, rather than print them out, which means I will always have them with me.  I am also very pleased with your short quiz and practice exams, as they really get you into the right head space.
The courses are fantastic not only for the Exams but for future reference. Very pleased and will work my way through them until I have finished.  
One thought for future reference, when you have completed all the courses, is to create a course dedicated to the ATPL flight test. Thanks again and I am pleased with my progress thus far." - Gavin, First Officer.

q"Hey guys, Sat my ATPL Nav today, 86% pass thanks to your online course. I would recommend this course." - Luke

quote"I cringed at the mere words ATPL NAV, as I had struggled with CPL & IR NAV. But doing this online course guided me to a 93% pass. Very happy with the result." - Jesse

quote  "The Met course was great thank you. Got through the exam quite comfortably and your course definitely prepares one well for the exam!" - Iain

quote  "I sat Flight Planning Thursday, happy with result, scored 96%. Very happy with the courses that you offer." - David

quote "Got 95% on the ATPL Met exam so the course worked really well!" - Adam

quote"Cheers for the Law course. It was definitely well worth getting! Found the material to be focused on exactly what is relevant and simple to follow. The practice exams were very similar to the real thing! Can attribute a very good pass on my exam to your course! Thanks again!" - Iain.

quote"Sat the ATPL Law exam a couple of weeks ago, passed well with 92%. The course worked really well!" - Adam

quote"Got 90% in my ASL Met exam after doing the course. Very pleased with the result. Would recommend your online ATPL Meteorology course to everyone." - Ryan

quote"I had heard from many people that ATPL Flight Planning is a nightmare…"it’s the hardest ATPL Subject”…'Good luck with that' with the sinister laugh at the end. After taking this online ATPL Flight Planning Course you will wonder what they are on about. This course will take you through step by step every aspect of the Flight Planning Syllabus, leaving you well prepared for the exam. Multi choice questions and sample exams with thorough explanations leave you with that wonderful feeling… ' yes! I understand this!'

This course left me feeling very confident before and after the exam – and I got an amazing result in the actual ASL exam! If you want to pass ATPL Flight Planning, look no further as there is no better!"
- Chris

quote"After a word of mouth recommendation, I signed up to the online ATPL law course. I found this course very useful and with the reviews and practice exams, it had me more than ready for the ASL exam. I would recommend this course to everyone. A very worthwhile investment!"
- Marc.

Quote"The ATPL Law exam went really well and passed really well. The course you have is excellent! "
- Christopher.

QUOTES"After not revising CPL Met since 1995, I was able to access and work through this well laid out and clear online ATPL Met syllabus from anywhere, in my own time, and comfortably pass!” - Adam, Pilot

Quotes"Sat the exam this morning. Passed well. The meteorology course had me very well prepared!"
- Chris.

"I read through everything once ... and had a crack at the practice exams,
quoteswhich I found to be very close to the real exam. And passed well. I am currently about to teach a CPL meteorology class, and will be recommending they think about doing your ATPL Meteorology course just to give them that extra push. Thanks for your help in gaining a good result, highly recommended." - Nigel, Flying Instructor.

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