Air Law


Our online ATPL Air Law theory course is a comprehensive online course covering all aspects of the CAA syllabus requirements of AC61-7.

  • 43 comprehensive ATPL Air Law Topics
  • 10 downloadable Topic Summary Worksheets covering all 43 Topics
  • 220 'instant feedback' online Multi-choice practice questions
  • 2 'instant feedback' online 'Multi-choice' sample exams (2 hours each)
  • 13 interactive online ATPL Air Law forums to chat about Topics
  • 2 extensive packs of flashcards
  • ATPL Animation series equipped - Progressively rolling out in this course!

Here is a sample clip of our brand new ATPL Animation series;

The following primary syllabus subjects are covered

General Aviation Law
Personnel Licensing
Airworthiness of Aircraft and Aircraft Equipment
General Operating and Flight Rules
Air Operations
Flight Planning and Preparation
Air Traffic Services
Airspace, Aerodromes and Heliports
Emergencies, Incidents and Accidents
Instrument Departures and Approaches

Online Cost
$NZ250 (incl GST) for New Zealand students

$NZ250 for overseas based students

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Approximate time to complete
Allow about 1-2 weeks to complete part time.

Course semester
Six months from the date of registration.

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